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Live Remote Computer Repair

You think you have only two choices when you need your computer to be serviced:

  • Climb under the desk, unhook all the wires and take the computer to the shop
  • Have someone you don't know come into your house and make a service call

Today there is better way.

With your permission, we will remotely connect to your computer and operate it just as if we were sitting there. You will be absolutely amazed!

We diagnose and correct the problem while you watch the whole process. If you want, we will explain exactly what we are doing.

When we're done, you won't be able to tell we were ever there, except your problems will be gone.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please call 925-609-9361 to set up an remote repair appointment and get a log in code. On your scheduled appointment day and time, you'll then come back to this page to log in and provide us remote access to your computer so we can set up the connection and correct your problems.

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